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Kyrgyzstan Travel Information

Kyrgyzstan rewards the traveller with untouched Natural Beauty, a Unique Cultural Heritage, and the freedom to explore both. Ninety-four percent mountainous, the country boasts perpetually Snow-Capped Peaks, Roaring Mountain streams, & Jailoos.

Summer pastures high above the timberline carpeted with nothing taller than Wildflowers. This fascinating Land is the home of the Kyrgyz, a unique people who have lived in these pastures in felt Tents or yurts for ages.

Kyrgyzstan in combination with neighboring countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China will give you a lot of wonderful impressions. Ancient cities of Uzbekistan, steppes, deserts and history of Kazakhstan, powerful culture of China and astonishing nature - Alpine Lakes, Snow Tops and Flourishing gorges of Kyrgyzstan.

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